How community leader Oluwakemi is pursuing her passion for social work with help from University of Michigan and Coursera

Meet Oluwakemi learning from Akinyele, Oyo State, Nigeria. She’s a dedicated social worker and changemaker throughout several non-profit organizations within her community. Read more about her incredible passion for helping people and how she utilized Coursera to expand her skills. Here’s her story in her own words:

In November of 2022, I earned a degree in Philosophy from the University of Ibadan, but  I have always had a passion for helping others. This passion only bloomed throughout my volunteer experiences at university.

While in school, I had the opportunity to serve in various leadership positions such as the lead for the Oyo State Team – a youth empowerment group that advocates for better socio-economic opportunities – and at AIA International Foundation, an international youth-led nonprofit organization working towards societal development using innovation for sustainable development. I later became the Team Lead for the South West Region for Slum2School Africa, a volunteer-driven organization that aims to empower underserved children.

My passion for serving female youth in my community led me to start my very own foundation. In February of 2019, I co-founded the Freedom Movement for the Girl Child (FMGC) with the goal to protect and educate young women and girls. 

These phenomenal programs and organizations helped me attain real world experience in the nonprofit sector, but I felt I needed formal training to further enhance my skills. I decided to enroll in the Social Work Practice: Advocating Social Justice and Change course from the University of Michigan on Coursera, and I am so thankful that I did! I was able to develop better skills in leadership, project management, and ultimately, I was able to  deepen my knowledge in social injustice.

With my degree, my experiences, and my knowledge gained through Coursera, I’m able to drive even more positive impact and change for vulnerable women and children in marginalized societies. I look forward to growing my career in social work and giving back to the community. My advice to learners is to BE the change you want to see! Just empower yourself to give power to others.

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