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5 Reasons You Need Certifications

Every industry is constantly changing, which means the qualifications to work within an industry are also constantly changing. Your Data Analytics bachelor’s degree from 2015 may not be enough to receive a job offer for the job you want. However, outdated knowledge typically does not require you to go back to college to obtain another degree. Instead, a much less expensive route should help with some of the necessary credentials you need to be hired for your dream job or to start a side hustle you are passionate about. Certifications help keep your knowledge up-to-date and are typically less than $1,000 (many are free)!

1.  Distinguish yourself from other jobseekers

When applying for jobs, your resume can almost look identical to another jobseeker with the same professional experience and a college degree. So, what causes one jobseeker to receive the offer over another? It could certainly be that one of their resumes stands out more because it was professionally edited.

Side note: I highly recommend getting your resume professionally written.

It could also be that one of them has relevant certifications. For example, when applying to be a Project Manager, it would be beneficial to have a PMP certification (Project Management Professional) or CSM certification (Certified Scrum Master) on your resume. This exhibits to your potential employer that you took the time and dedication to apply what you learned in college and in your professional experience to further confirm that you are knowledgeable and have advanced knowledge in that area.

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2.  Could raise your salary

When you receive a certification, you are becoming a greater asset to your company, but you also become a more coveted asset to other companies. As a result, you can leverage your certification as one of the reasons why you should get a raise. You can tell your current or potential employer that a certification allows you to bring more expertise to your position, which should result in an increase in pay.

3.  Proper credentials for a side hustle

Multiple streams of income are becoming the new norm for many people, which is often accomplished through side hustles. However, for some side hustles, it is recommended that you have certain certifications in order to be credible. For example, if you want to start marketing for businesses, it is recommended you have some certifications to portray that you have knowledge of different technology and tools to provide the most optimized outputs for a company.

If you want to provide advice to people about financial planning, it is recommended you are a Certified Financial Planner to exhibit that you have knowledge outside of just different articles that anyone can take 2 minutes to read on the internet.

4.  Completed on your own time

One of the best parts about a certification is that you can complete it on your own time! There’s no set class time like in college where you have to go or you’ll be marked absent. However, completing a certification involves proper time management to be able to find time in your busy schedule to complete it. It takes dedication to complete a certification, which is why it is an impressive feat to obtain them.

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5.  Diversify your skill sets

You may have a degree in Accounting, but decide that you want to pursue cyber security as either a career switch or side hustle. The benefit of certifications is that they can be enough for you to get hired. In addition, by completing a certification outside of your main field, you are diversifying your skill sets. Cyber security or social media marketing certifications are valid credentials that can be coupled with a college degree to portray you are a multi-faceted professional.

Certifications can be the key to receiving a higher salary or advancing your career. Once you determine what area of knowledge you would like to sharpen your skills in with a certification, research your options online and make a plan to dedicate your time to completing it. If you start to lose motivation, revisit this article for 5 reasons why you need that certification!


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