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Lockheed Martin

software engineer associate - 2022-

Developed models of Spacecraft components in an agile work environment.
 Documented the simulation communications subsystem for a LM400 satellite. Translating ICD and working with SME
ensuring all relevant capabilities and message data is captured in the simulation.
 Conducted research on new communication subsystems to integrate into the TB&S Product line
 Updated and maintained software requirement and design specification for Tb&S SBIRS program
 Developed robust drivers to facilitate seamless communication and control between software and hardware components,
ensuring optimal integration and functionality.
 Created comprehensive test software scripts to automate testing procedures, enhancing efficiency and reliability while
capturing accurate results for thorough validation.
 Requirements Documents: Compiled detailed specifications outlining functional and non-functional requirements,
providing a clear roadmap for development and alignment with project objectives.
 Design Documents: Generated comprehensive architecture, module, and component documentation, serving as a blueprint
for development and ensuring a structured and scalable software solution.
 Led power supply control initiatives, ensuring efficient and reliable operation of critical systems.
 Configured and managed various hardware interfaces, guaranteeing seamless communication between components.
 Developed software and scripts to automate functional tests, reducing testing time by 20%.
 Conducted low-level UUT checkout, verifying component functionality and system integrity.
 Designed and executed automated functional tests, capturing and logging critical data for analysis.
 Played a pivotal role in debugging complex system issues, identifying root causes and implementing effective solutions.
 Simulated external devices within spacecraft and missile systems to evaluate system responses and enhance overall
 Collaborated with cross-functional teams to achieve successful integration and operation of systems.
 Contributed to continuous improvement efforts, optimizing testing processes and enhancing error capture capabilities.


computer science

north carolina A&T

To contact this candidate email earlmc601@gmail.com

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