Learn from Luis about advancing your career while working

Interview with Luis KJaimess-Illanes, an iMSM graduate from the Gies School of Business at the University of Illinois.

Luis was working in Boston as a senior network engineer before he had to return to his home country of Bolivia at the start of the global pandemic. As Luis began working remotely from Bolivia for his Boston-based organization, Altaeros. His manager approached him about exploring new leadership responsibilities and encouraged him to take courses for developing leadership skills. So Luis went in search of a program that could help him achieve his new career goals while working remotely and living abroad.

Considering your professional and personal life before enrolling

As a full-time employee who also values his free time, Luis needed a program that could help him maintain his work-life balance. Along with his day-to-day responsibilities and long-term projects at work, Luis also helps underserved youth in Bolivia during his off-hours. Needing to learn at his own pace, Luis chose the online Master’s in Management (iMSM) from Gies College of Business at the University of Illinois.

Luis had already taken individual courses on Coursera. He knew there are great professors on Coursera, and that the platform was convenient and affordable. Luis also knew that he could connect with like-minded professionals from around the world—by working on projects in a collaborative online environment, and by networking with experienced peers and professors.

Maintaining work-life balance while continuing your development

Since enrolling in the program, Luis has successfully maintained his work-life balance while preparing for new leadership roles in his career. He accesses content from different devices depending on his location and then views recordings when he’s unable to attend live sessions. With these features and more, Luis has even found time to share what he’s learning with his family.

Even before graduating, Luis is already applying leadership skills (like effective communication) through collaborations in his current job. Luis is also now able to pursue new leadership roles with his company that he wasn’t yet qualified for previously—and he has future goals of earning his MBA.

If you want to take on new responsibilities and prepare for new roles like Luis, you too can earn certificates and degrees on Coursera while successfully continuing in your current job and preserving your personal life.

Learn and apply.

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