Introducing Coursera’s 2022 Outstanding Achievement Award Winners

Over the last 10 years, Coursera has flourished because of the passion and dedication of our partners and customers. We honor all of our partners and customers, who inspire us every day with their commitment to our shared vision of a world where anyone, anywhere, can transform their life through learning. 

We are delighted to present Coursera’s 2022 Outstanding Achievement Awards at our 10th annual Coursera Conference on May 5th. This year’s awards celebrate the exceptional partners, course teams, and customers that make powerful learning experiences a reality.

Without further ado, here are our 2022 award winners — leaders in the future of work and learning:

Career Transformation Award

This award is given to the instructor, course team, or partner whose career-focused learners are experiencing the highest rates of success for achieving their goals. 

This year the award goes to the UX Design Professional Certificate by Google.

This certificate takes learners with no background in the field through all the fundamental skills they need to become a UX designer. Impressively, more than 2,000 learners have reported getting a new job as an outcome of completing this Certificate. The team at Google integrated career advice and recommendations directly into the course content, making the material not only applicable to a new career but also enabling learners to gain the new UX Design role they desired. 

Congratulations to everyone at Google who worked on this UX Design Certificate program!

Learner’s First Award

The Learners First Award goes to the course that maintains the highest learner rating on the platform launched in the last calendar year.  

This year’s winner is A Bridge to the World: Korean Language for Beginners, a course offered by Sungkyunkwan University

This course grew immensely in popularity and attracted a large number of learners from India, Vietnam, the United States, the Philippines, Thailand, Mexico, and Egypt. More than 20,000 learners flocked to this course in 2021 alone, bolstering their already strong course rating to 4.84 out of 5.

Congratulations to the team at Sungkyunkwan University!

Innovation Award

The Innovation Award is given to the partner and course that has successfully piloted new features, released a piece of cutting-edge content on the platform, and combines industry and university expertise. 

The winner of this award is The Data Structures and Algorithms Specialization by the University of Colorado Boulder.

This course provides a pathway into CU Boulder’s innovative degree program. Instructors used nicely-scaffolded Jupyter Notebooks to test learners’ understanding frequently, implementing Coursera’s new nbgrader functionality for faster custom grading and more robust feedback provided to learners.  Without having to wait for the next cohort, learners can dive right into this degree-level content with hands-on coding projects. With more than 10,000 individuals enrolled and an average rating of 4.7, this CU Boulder Specialization erases traditional application processes to a Master’s degree and leads with the learning instead.

Congratulations to the CU Boulder team that made these courses a reality!  

Talent Transformation Award

This award recognizes the business that has helped its employees achieve extraordinary success and career growth through the power of online learning.

This year the Talent Transformation Award goes to Capgemini

Capgemini is one of the world’s leaders in consulting, digital transformation, and engineering services, and in 2020 they partnered with Coursera to launch an in-house learning organization called Capgemini University. More than 216,000 Capgemini learners have joined the program globally and are demonstrating critical skills across a number of areas including professional services, technology consulting, cloud adoption and Data and AI. 

Capgemini’s passionate and dedicated Learning and Development team sets the gold standard for corporate learning strategy, with their commitment to progress forging innovations and pushing Coursera to become better, as well.

Congratulations to the learning and development team at Capgemini!

Campus Transformation Award

This award is given to the top institution that has contributed significantly to the growth, adoption, and scale of learning to benefit developing economies, regions, or communities by improving access to student education at scale.

The award this year goes to Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management (GITAM).

GITAM’s mission is to pursue education as a means to social and economic advancement. This is why partnering with Coursera was a perfect fit for them. The blended learning approach and integrated courses empowered over 20,000 students across three campuses and nine departments during the height of COVID-19 pandemic. In total, GITAM achieved nearly 400,000 enrollments, 700,000 learning hours, and 250,000 course completions.  Students continue to experience career impact after completion, and over 80 percent of student learners say they would recommend Coursera to their juniors.

Congratulations, Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management!

Government Innovation Award

This award recognizes a public sector program – in partnership with Coursera – that is delivering substantial value to a local economy, its employers and their citizens by improving the employability and prosperity of their workforce. 

This year the Government Innovation Award goes to the New York State Department Labor

In 2020, the New York State Department of Labor approached Coursera with an urgent mission to serve ‘unemployed citizens’ impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. New York’s leadership needed to rapidly deploy an accessible training solution to serve those communities hardest hit by the shutdown, with a goal of providing access to health and wellness training, foundational skills, technical certifications and job readiness training.  Together, New York and Coursera have served over 120,000 citizens, who have invested approximately 1-million hours, and completed over 1-million skill assessments, in their pursuit of a more sustainable living wage.

In 2022, the program was expanded to also fund the upskilling and reskilling efforts of ‘part time’ citizens seeking a full time position, or salaried career. 

Congratulations New York, for this innovative approach to your workforce development! 

Thank you to all of the partners and customers who continue to serve the world through learning – and a special congratulations to our award winners. Our 100 million learners and all of us at Coursera are honored to work with you!

Watch the on-demand ceremony of Coursera’s 2022 Outstanding Achievement Awards. 

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