Coursera appoints COO and CRO in new executive leadership structure

By Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO Coursera

In 2017, I came to Coursera for the same reason that has attracted over 100 million learners, 275 university and industry partners, and 7,000 institutions to our platform to date: a fundamental belief in the power of education. We’ve made substantial progress by embedding this belief within our mission and our commitment as a Certified B Corporation to transform lives through learning.

As the world continues to change, a new era of learning and work is emerging. And we’ve continued to expand the products and services we offer and the regions in which we operate to help more and more learners advance their education, careers, and ultimately, thrive in this new digital economy. To meet the demands of this evolving landscape, I’m excited to announce a few changes to our organizational structure that will simplify how we operate to serve customers and grow the business.

Effective Oct. 1, 2022, Shravan Goli, formerly Coursera’s Chief Product Officer and Head of Consumer Revenue since 2018, has assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer. Combining product management, engineering, design, data, services, and business operations under one team, Shravan will be responsible for delighting customers with an end-to-end learner, customer, and partner experience and doing so with operational excellence and leverage.

Additionally, Leah Belsky, formerly Coursera’s Chief Enterprise Officer and a Courserian since 2015, has assumed the role of Chief Revenue Officer. With formal organizational responsibility for overall revenue, Leah will be responsible for managing our three segments – Consumer, Enterprise, and Degrees – enabling Coursera to more effectively identify and pursue opportunities for global revenue growth across segments and regions.

As we continue to grow and expand the size and scope of our business, this structure will help simplify and clarify the responsibilities for creating products and services that meet the needs of our customers and managing revenue growth. Shravan and Leah have been driving forces of Coursera’s growth for several years, and we’re excited for them to step into these critical leadership roles.

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