Coursera and Google Cloud launch 500+ new projects, free access to cloud-focused content for 30,000 learners

By Betty Vandenbosch, Chief Content Officer, Coursera 

We are pleased to announce more than 500 cloud-focused projects from Google Cloud are now available on Coursera. These projects will help learners develop a wide range of job-relevant cloud skills, addressing the needs of individual learners as well as employers. 

According to the World Economic Forum, business leaders are placing a priority on the adoption of cloud computing. However, organizations need talent with the right cloud skills across roles and departments to move these high-priority cloud initiatives forward. 

The new projects from Google Cloud aim to provide that much-needed learning content in a flexible, bite-sized format. Ranging from beginner to advanced, the majority of projects focus on helping learners with foundational cloud knowledge hone specific skills. Each project can be completed in anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours and features hands-on, expert-led instruction using real cloud production tools and access to other Google Cloud Products.

Purchased individually, each project costs $9.99. All projects are also included in the Coursera business, campus, and government plans, as well as the Coursera Plus subscription. Projects cover a range of cloud topics, from getting started with Cloud Shell and gcloud to predicting baby weight with TensorFlow. Upon completion of each project, learners will receive a certificate that can be shared with employers and on LinkedIn. 

To further support learners along their skilling journeys, Google Cloud is offering one month of free access to top Google Cloud content on Coursera, including projects, to 30,000 learners starting today. Learn more and claim free access at

“We are excited to expand our partnership and offer Coursera learners access to Google Cloud’s library of hands-on learning projects,” said Chris Pirie, Director for Learning Portfolio and Partnerships, Google Cloud Learning Services. “Making hundreds of our self-paced labs available on Coursera alongside our ever-growing catalog of courses is part of Google Cloud’s long-term commitment to equip the next generation of cloud professionals and business leaders with the skills and knowledge needed for the future of work.” 

These new projects build on the momentum of Google Cloud’s robust course, Specialization, and Professional Certificate offerings on Coursera. We are proud to continue building on our work with Google Cloud, equipping learners with critical cloud skills that prepare them for emerging digital opportunities. 

Explore the new projects from Google Cloud on Coursera and start learning today.

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