Announcing the first entry-level certificates and Specializations from Indian industry partners, PwC India, Tally Education, and Hero Mindmine

By Betty Vandenbosch, Chief Content Officer, Coursera 

Today, as part of Coursera’s ongoing commitment to learners in India, I’m pleased to announce the first entry-level certificates and Specializations from leading Indian industry partners. Experts at PwC India, Tally Education, and Hero Mindmine will equip learners with job-relevant skills in taxation, accounting, insurance, and power systems.

These programs will serve the 16 million people in India on Coursera eager to learn from industry experts. Learners in India have enrolled in twice as many courses from industry partners in Q1 2022 as the same period the year prior. Demand is increasingly driven by students and employees who gain access to Coursera through their university or workplace, accounting for 32% of these enrollments. 

First entry-level certificates from Indian industry partners, PwC India and Tally Education

These new entry-level certificates require no prerequisites, college degree, or prior work experience and prepare learners for high-demand finance roles.

  • GST Tax Executive and Direct Tax Executive Professional Certificates from PwC India – These entry-level, 6-course certificates will take roughly 24 weeks to complete. Through hands-on projects and expert-led instruction, they provide learners with a foundational understanding of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Direct Tax practices, equipping them with the knowledge required for a beginner role in the field. Expected to launch in September 2022 and early 2023.

“Following the government’s introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) a few years ago, demand for finance professionals with GST-specific knowledge has grown. Through digitally enabled content, we’re eager to help prepare learners of all backgrounds to step into one of the thousands of tax-related roles in India and, in turn, enable organizations to operate more smoothly and compliantly,” said Manpreet Singh Ahuja, Chief Digital Officer, PwC in India.

  • Tally Business Accounting Professional Certificate from Tally Education – In about 120 hours, this certificate helps learners prepare for a business accounting role, a field in considerable need of skilled talent. It will help learners understand and apply concepts of bookkeeping, accounting, inventory management, tax, and more. According to Gartner, there were approximately 30,000 accounting job postings in India over the last year. Expected to launch in September 2022. 

“Tally Education’s motto is “To positively impact the lives of ‘Learners’ by increasing employability, accelerating professional careers, and adding value to the businesses they operate.” Organizations of all sizes and sectors need skilled business accounting professionals. In collaboration with Coursera, Tally is excited to offer both the learning content and hiring pathways to help learners globally in advancing their career in the domain of accounting, finance, and administration,” said Bhuwaneshwari B, CEO of Tally Education.

First Specialization from Indian industry partner – Hero Mindmine

Through a series of rigorous courses, Specializations help learners master a specific skill within three to six months. 

  • Insurance Selling Specialization from Hero Mindmine – This four-course Specialization will cover the foundations of the insurance industry, different types of insurance, and key tenets to being a successful insurance salesperson. Taught by industry experts and taking roughly 16 weeks to complete, it’s designed for aspiring and early-career insurance professionals. Launching later this year.

“We’re excited to collaborate with Coursera to teach learners, especially those early in their careers or new to the industry, the core competencies of insurance and selling insurance. Our subject matter experts will break down the essential aspects of the too-often overly-complex domain of insurance in a way that is accessible for learners of varied backgrounds and aptitudes,” said Vivek Sharma, AVP & Head- Enterprise Business at Hero Mindmine.

We are honored to partner with leading companies in India to share their expertise with the world and help learners break into high-demand digital roles — regardless of their background. Programs like these help increase access and can lead to a diversification of the talent pipeline. I’m eager to see these new programs educate learners in India and beyond.

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