An interview with future iMSM graduate, Manmit Kaur

Manmit excelled at her career as a project manager. She was organizing conferences all around the world for global leaders in both the private and public sectors. But while her career was exciting, it was also very stressful. And, ultimately, Manmit felt that management consulting was her true calling.

Earning a master’s in management had been a personal goal for Manmit because of her interest in consulting, but she kept putting it off. That changed at the start of the pandemic when Manmit saw an opportunity to continue her education while spending more time at home. By the spring of 2021, she had started her online Master’s in Management (iMSM) from Gies College of Business at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).

Manmit chose the iMSM for its in-depth subjects, as well as its flexibility and affordability, and she’s learned empathy and leadership skills that she’s sure she’ll use for the rest of her career. Manmit has found the program both challenging and fun—with highly engaging and supportive experiences in live classes, group work, and forums. And, with the global access that Coursera offers, Manmit has been able to enjoy her fellow learners’ diverse thinking and backgrounds.

Gies College of Business students like Manmit can also be part of Illinois Business Consulting (IBC). This management consultancy is the largest in the US to be operated by students, and Manmit will have the opportunity to work on real projects for real clients around the world so that she graduates with incredibly valuable experience.

Manmit says she has had to find a new flow to life in order to earn her MSM. But with support from her family, she has taken the time to continue her education. Now, with graduation on the horizon, she’s about to take on her true calling of consulting. To others who want to go from liking their career to loving their career, Manmit says, “Take the plunge. You owe it to yourself.”

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