Adding skills to apply your knowledge in the real world

This biologist is learning to lead so he can pave the way for science. 

Jadson C. Santos, became a biologist because he wanted to address real-world problems with scientific solutions on a global scale. As an undergraduate, Jadson studied at the University of São Paulo to earn his degree in biology. There, he soon realized it takes more than science to change the world. It takes leadership. 

To complement his bachelor’s degree and pursue his ambitious professional goals, Jadson began learning about culture, diversity, and inclusion on Coursera. As of today, he has taken 41 courses to expand his scientific knowledge and grow his leadership skills. 

Jadson now serves as co-chair of the Career Development Subcommittee at the Genetic Society of America. With all his newfound knowledge, Jadson has created a free mentoring program to help low-income students build career skills. He also writes a newsletter about scientific leadership that has over 7,400 subscribers.

Jadson continues to be an active learner on Coursera, saying, “None of this would have been possible without Coursera and all the knowledge I’ve gained there.”

Jadson is a great example of how you can always add new skills to your existing knowledge and continue to reach even your most ambitious professional goals. If you are looking to learn career-transforming, life-altering, world-changing skills, you too can do it on Coursera. 

“No matter where you want to get to in your life and career, learning will always be part of the journey.” – Jadson C. Santos

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