10 things that have always been true about Coursera learners

Ten years ago, Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng had an idea—make world-class education available to anyone, anywhere. Ever since, you’ve been demonstrating just how powerful that idea can be. You’ve shown the world what’s possible when you learn without limits.

We think the best way to celebrate this milestone is to celebrate you, and all you’ve learned on Coursera. And as we take a moment to pause and reflect on our journey together, we’d like to share a few things we’ve learned about you along the way. 

Here are ten things that have always been true about Coursera learners!

  1. You’re global.
    • Our community is now 100 million strong, and you’re joining us from nearly every country in the world. 
  2. You have the courage to pursue change. 
    • “It can be easy to define yourself in terms of your current job. Learning to code helped me see past that.” – Krystal, US 
  3. You give back. 
    • Dedicated learners like those of you in our Global Translator Community have helped create 21,000 subtitles for courses in over 56 languages
  4. You love a good challenge. 
  5. You love to share what you learn.
    • “Coursera helped me engage my new community. By learning, I can be an active citizen wherever I am.” – Hadi, Turkey
  6. You’re committed to transformation.
    • 2.5 million of you are learning job-ready skills in Professional Certificate programs so you can launch new careers, pursue new opportunities, and reach new milestones. More than 16,000 of you are on your way to earning a master’s or bachelor’s degree. And what about you first-time learners on Coursera? More than 65% of you will go on to enroll in more courses!
  7. You’re courageous.
    • “Never let anyone tell you that you can’t learn or do something. I was discouraged by a lot of people when I wanted to learn how to code. They told me I was too old to learn something ‘that hard.’ Now here I am—I showed them that nothing is impossible!” – Julio R., Chile
  8. You’re always ready to learn – anywhere, anytime.
    • You’ve watched over 282 million lectures on mobile—on lunch breaks, commutes, and more!
  9. You’re building new skills.
    • “I’ve always wanted to upskill myself, but I didn’t know I could do it online and earn certificates from well-known universities. I enrolled in my first-ever course and loved it! In fact, I fell in love with learning! I started taking courses one after another and I recently completed the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate program. The courses in this program were perfectly tailored for beginners. I’m so grateful to have discovered Coursera and thankful to @Google for creating such a great, informative program. I’ve gained so many skills!” – @_rakshith.s.n 
  10. You continue to learn without limits.
    • As of 2021, you’ve collectively enrolled in more than 194 million courses. 

While you continue to learn on Coursera, we continue to learn from you. Your dedication, commitment, and passion are what motivate us every day. Thank you for ten remarkable years, and here’s to the next amazing decade together!

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